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As one of the focus areas of Feed First we offer analytical services, with the purpose of providing fast, consistent, accurate and high quality laboratory analyses and results by sourcing local laboratories on behalf of our clients. By combining samples from multiple clients and submitting weekly batches we are able to make this a cost effective solution to clients requiring specialised laboratory analyses, at locally competitive prices. We strive to achieve swift turnaround times and highly accurate results.

Feed First offers a range of options for analytical services of animal feed samples, raw materials, silages, fresh forages and many more. We do NIR analyses of raw materials and complete feeds as well as silages and forages. Furthermore, we are an accredited network controller to analyse and/or grade lucerne hay according to the official procedures set out by the National Lucerne Organisation’s certified NIR and analytical programme.

Due to the large variety and number of samples received we are also able to continuously develop and improve NIR calibrations for clients with an in-time and specific need for a particular nutrient or product. By compiling a database of laboratory results we are able to develop a specialised, accurate and very powerful calibration file.

We also offer validation services for clients with their own NIR machines who wish to validate their calibrations on their equipment. This ensures that the NIR is accurately testing samples on site. Validations match NIR results with laboratory results to ensure that precise results are achieved. We have a well-developed range of raw material and complete feed validation sets which can be used for these purposes.

Finally, the Feed First nutritional experts add further value to its analytical component by providing a service that assists clients with solutions to use their analytical results in the most effective way.

Please contact us for any queries or for further information regarding our services.