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Feed First strives to add value to clients by maintaining a superior level of technology and insight.

Feed First provides committed animal feed consultancy services by the provision of professional technical services (including nutrition, formulation solutions or technical support to nutritionists and procurement staff) to livestock producers and the animal feed industry.

Feed First focuses on real value adding to clients and strives to maintain a superior level of nutritional technology in all sectors of the feed industry. Our key metrics is “Margin over Feed cost”, which is achieved through solutions that lead to improved animal production in the most profitable way.

Our value added services include:

  • Consultation on:
    - Nutrition
    - Business processes
    - Plant operations for feed manufacturing
    - Quality systems
  • Feed formulation
  • Product development
  • Analytical and laboratory services
  • TMR and roughage NIR analysis
  • Procurement

The company was founded in 2012 in order to serve those segments of the animal feed and livestock industries that require a high degree of technical input.

We have technical experts in almost all livestock species (this includes poultry, dairy, swine, feedlot, game and extensive cattle and sheep) and a Hub for innovation and product development.

The Feed First client base currently includes feed companies, both big and medium sized integrators/corporate as well as smaller home mixers/farmers.